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Real Estate


Buying or selling a home, condominium or cooperative can be stressful and time consuming. It also may be one of the largest purchases or sales in your lifetime so you should be hiring a real estate attorney who has both the knowledge and experience to ensure a smooth transaction from contract signing to closing. 

If you are selling, LoManto Law Group P.C. will go over your deal sheet prepared by your realtor or yourself if you are not using a realtor, prepare the contracts to be sent to the buyer’s attorney and conduct a contract signing with you. When the time comes, we will also review the title report and ensure any and all liens or encumbrances are properly addressed prior to closing, prepare all closing documents, attend the closing with you and provide you with all necessary closing documents along with the proceeds of your sale.

If you are purchasing, LoManto Law Group P.C. will review the contract of sale drafted by the seller’s attorney, conduct a contract signing with you, and order and review the title report to make certain you are purchasing the property free and clear of any liens or encumbrances. At closing we will go through all the loan documents with you so you have a clear understanding of what your responsibilities will be after you close.

We encourage all of our clients, buyers and sellers alike, to take advantage of our resources here on our website and to give us a call or email us when they have questions.


Just like when buying or selling a home, when buying or selling a commercial space, you should hire a real estate attorney experienced in commercial real estate to represent you during the transaction.

In commercial real estate, you need a trusted attorney to assist you in navigating the legalese of those large contracts and riders and to ensure you are well protected. It is important to be able to strongly negotiate the terms you requested yet not too strongly where the deal can be jeopardized. This is a skill that comes over time and after representing enough clients, is hopefully mastered.

If you are a landlord or tenant trying to rent or lease a commercial space, you too should be looking to hire an attorney. Similar to purchasing or selling commercial real estate, commercial real estate leases can also be very challenging to navigate through. Rely on an experienced commercial real estate attorney to assist you with this endeavor. 

Looking for your next commercial real estate attorney? LoManto Law Group P.C. is here for you. Save the legalese for us! Call today!

Lender Representation

Are you thinking about lending money to an individual or corporation in order for them to purchase real property? Make sure you hire an experienced real estate attorney to properly represent you before you lend!

Although lending someone money on a handshake may sound great to some, it is not secured! LoManto Law Group P.C. has represented a number of private and commercial lenders and has the knowledge and experience to make your transaction successful and secured.

We have experience in drafting loan documents to secure your interest in the borrower’s property, preparing ledgers, title review, title clearance and much more.

Don’t lend on a hand shake! Call us today.