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Criminal Defense

LoManto Law Group P.C. has vigorously defended clients in Federal and State criminal prosecutions in some of the most notorious cases. Criminal Defense clients accused of organized crime, homicide, bank robberies, assault, white-collar crimes, sex offenses, DWI, and many others. 

They have presented such persuasive legal arguments that they have sparked change in existing laws. In one criminal case, they defended the client with such a compelling argument that the jury was convinced to find the client not guilty after only one minute of jury deliberation. That one minute period of deliberation is believed to be the shortest verdict in the history of any New York court.

In addition,they have had a murder conviction overturned on appeal. Their arguments ignited changes in the way every criminal case is tried in New York State, to further ensure a fair trial for the accused.

Here at LoManto Law Group P.C., we take pride in servicing our clients by providing them with an attorney fight for the results they need. Choose an attorney who will fight for your freedom. Your future depends on it. Call us today.